“– The SUSSWATER project fits right in with our profile as it develops transferable skills, includes hands-on and real world learning.”

Bromangymnasiet is one of the largest post-16 schools in Sweden. It is situated on the east coast of the Baltic Sea 300 km north of Stockholm.

We offer both vocational and theoretical pathways in 15 of the 17 national Upper secondary programmes to 1300 students. All students are equipped with laptops to use 24/7 over their three years of study. VET learners do work placement for 15 weeks in their training in collaboration with local and regional enterprise.

Our motto is that we are “a school for all” which is suitable as the Special school in part of our organisation and we have a growing department designed for the many newcomers to Sweden. As our profile includes internationalisation, we run a number of projects and language exchanges. We send some 150 students abroad for work experience per year.

Emphasis on developing transferable skills goes well hand in hand with internationalisation. To make our students more entrepreneurial in their approach to life, we as a school and staff also need to embody this approach that embraces the long list of transferable skills. Among other qualities, it means that a person is a good team worker, independent, creative, critical in thinking, flexible, motivating, confident, efficient, dependable, punctual, helpful etc. which are highly valued traits by today’s employers.

Student participation in the SUSSWATER project has been initiated to increase the vision of our natural science students through a more qualified education, which includes a knowledge of sustainability in other European countries, and a better understanding of the current and future use of natural water-based resources. This together with improved language skills, cultural know-how, and increased self-confidence will allow them greater possibilities for future employment across Europe and elsewhere.

Our project lead is Principal Bitte Åström and Mea Larencranz, the Liaison Manager of Internationalisation at Bromangymnasiet.

Our academic resource is Dr Magnus P. Johansson (Biology), Inger Gistvik and Peter Lind who are First teachers and who teach both Biology and Chemistry. Our Administrator for International projects is Maria Lundholm.

Our contact information is:

Bitte Åström – Principal and Head of Internationalisation


Phone: +46 650 197 11

Mea Larencranz – Project Lead


Phone: +46 650 197 13

Mobile: +46 703 92 26 42

Dr Magnus P. Johansson – Content Lead


Phone: +46 650 197 48

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