Ireland goes to Sweden

Ryan Nolan – Erasmus+ Exchange

  • My Expectations

I was expecting to learn more about Aquaculture from other people and the way they use it. I also wanted to tell people of how we use here in Ireland. I was also looking forward to spending the week in another country and experience its culture and their way of life.

  • While I was there

When we arrived there I did notice a few different things like the way when they cycle more as a way of getting around. And they’re houses were built different a lot of them with a wooden structure of feature included in nearly every single one I saw. I also noticed they have a lot of inland lakes which from the sky was amazing to see as well as on the ground. When we meet with the other people who would be with us for the exchange, who were from Norway, England and Sweden, they were all pleasant and welcoming people. While we at the school where we spent most of our time I was amazed to how well equipped they were from brand new books to laptops for nearly every student they were a well-organized and welcoming school. During the day they would stop and have something they call “Fika” which is coffee and a pastry which was really nice. In the afternoons we would have time to ourselves to do what we wanted to do. When it came to the last day we all said good bye to each other as I really enjoyed my stay and would recommend people be part of the Erasmus+ exchange as you would discover and meet interesting people as well as make friends and remember an experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

  • Overall experience

I really enjoyed myself while I did this exchange and would do it again if I was offered as I learned a lot about other people and made me more interested in Aquaculture. I really enjoyed the side activities they planned as well, they were really enjoyable and fun. I really enjoyed spending time with the others from the other countries they were fun and interesting. Over all it was an amazing experience and will never forget it.

Lucie Hesse

I really enjoyed the great group dynamic. Which was always working very well, at workshops, soccer match or picking up litter in the woods.

Being together with Swedish and Norwegian students, it was nice to  learn a bit about the Swedish/Scandinavian culture and their language.
As well it was a good experience presenting our work after every workshop, and getting more confident while doing the presentations.

It was a great combination of different people, I really enjoyed being with them.

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