Norway goes to Sweden

Happy Norwegians in Sweden!

Six students and two teachers from Val Upper Secondary School spent an interesting and educational week in Sweden in April, as part of the SUSSWATER-project. Here are some of their thoughts and feedback.

What did we learn?

Axel and Kristine

During the week we exchanged knowledge and experience with the other participating students. This was done by lectures, poster session (very interesting!), practical and theoretical work in mixed groups. I have gained new knowledge about GMO, water power stations, how rubbish affects nature and of course I learned more about Hudiksvall, the place where we stay during the week. It was also very interesting to hear and see more about the role of different predators in nature, which was very well described during our trip to JärvZoo.

In a more unformal way we learned more about other cultures, as we stay together with students and teachers from Ireland and UK. Football match, barbecuing, swimming in very cold water and just staying together made us connected in a very nice way.

How was your experience and how do you handle any challenges during the week?

Adele, Magnus and Sigbjørn

I really like staying together with whole group at Camp Igge. There was no problems with the language, and it was easy to ask for assistance if needed.

I really enjoy the social part. It was so much fun to meet new people from different cultures and countries. I expand my social limits, and I felt we interact really well with the other students.

My experience was all GOOD!

Have the stay in Sweden changes your overall view on the use of water based resources and how this can be manage in a sustainable way?

Adele, Mariann, Axel and Sigbjørn

Yes, I realized how important it is and that it will take a lot of hard work. I am now more aware about what we must do and also how things must be done.

I felt I got challenged when it comes to the use of GMO. GMO will might be a way to go to solve some of the future problems.

It is important to remember that all use of resources will have a downside, also when it comes to the use of water based resources.

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