Val Upper Secondary school, situated on the beautiful coast of the rural part of Mid-Norway, offers vocational training in aquaculture, agriculture and equine studies.

Currently there are approximately 135 students at Val and the common denominator for studies at Val is Conservation and Management of natural resources. Equine and Aquaculture students may either progress on to apprenticeships or a theoretical third year, gaining study competence (the right to study at a college/university). The agricultural student follows a three year course, leading to an agronomist title. Students from all three lines of study may apply for the theoretical third year. The main focus for the third year students is Conservation and several of our students go on to study similar subjects in universities.

The school has evolved from a farm into a modern school with modern works buildings, such as a cow shed with a robotic feeder and milking machine.
Our aquaculture facility is operated jointly with a local fish-farming firm, Sinkaberg Hansen. This gives us security, a more realistic scale of operation for our students and state of the art technology. Val FoU is our own Research and Development company, owned by the school.

The staff at Val are a tight knit bunch of people who are dedicated to the task of teaching their subject to our students. They all have both practical and theoretical knowledge and experience in their fields. We’ve got a good reputation for quality education in Mid-Norway and the southern part of Northern Norway.

Our project lead for SUSSWATER is Halvor Mortensen. Halvor work with several project that aims to bring the school and the industry closer together, and make the education more directed to the needs inside the marine industry.

Håkon Valen will be involved in the project as a teacher for the subject Natural resources management, and will be the project link to the students at Val.
Ragnhild Melgård give lectures in Natural resources management and Nature study. Ragnhild is also the International coordinator at Val vgs.
Our contact information is:
Halvor Mortensen – Project Lead
Mobile: 0047 95108042

Håkon Valen – Teacher
Mobile: 0047 48066391

Our website is:

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